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ThinkNovation Media

We are a Media Startup with interest in Publishing, Ecommerce, Design, Training and Empowerment.

Our passion to share is inspired by our simple Vision to build businesses and transform lives.

Hence, our products and services are designed around this singular vision as epitomized by Our flagship products. ReThink Business Magazine (Online & Print edition) and iAudify.com..Nigerias #1 online audiobook store for enterpreneurs.

ReThink Magazine

when you absolutely want to get your business started regardless of capital controlled.

ReThink Magazine is FREE, yet not for EVERYBODY. It’s strictly for bootstrappers Entrepreneurs and anybody who really want to Go Make Something Happen.

Its print edition and online blog www.rethinkmagazine.com.ng is now a resource center for entrepreneurs and everyone in quest of success.



To simplify the entrepreneurial journey / venture and inspire action regardless of resources available or controlled.

It is envisioned to inspire and connect change makers….entrepreneurs, aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs who want to go make something happen.


The focus of rethink magazine is on business start-up and development regardless of resources. Although it is informative, educative and entertaining, most importantly its inspiring, unconventional, thought provoking and transforming, because it’s an action guide that get you up and doing even in the trenches.

Because we believe that he who has a ‘why’ to life will surely find a ‘how’ to living, we bring to terms the ‘He’ and the ‘Why’ in order for the ‘How’ and the ‘When’ to take care of themselves at each point of the journey. It is about driving ‘ThinkNovation’, which is simply, “Developing and having enough insight, confidence and courage to PUSH for that which has always mattered to you”.


Here is why! Let’s Say you’ve got a book, a start-up in your head but you’re stuck or scared or just don’t know how to begin, how to break through or how to finish. Rethink takes you from project conception to its finish date regardless of what lies in the way.

At the core of rethink is a belief that it is mind over matter when you absolutely want to get that business / project started and working right regardless of resources controlled and we are putting that belief to work already.

  • You’ve got an idea but you’re stuck.
  • You’re about living your job to start something new.
  • You’re ready to think hard about creating a start-up for business. {A start-up is a special  moment of time, when all decisions are on the table, when you have a clean sheet of paper to think hard about strategy and how you will create value}.
  • You already have a new business but you don’t have a lot of revenue yet, but you’re open and able to change everything.
  • You want to either find some partners or think hard about what works and what doesn’t.
  • It’s even useful for the leader of an existing start-up that has resources but needs a new path to success.

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iAudify is Nigeria’s #1 audiobook store for Entrepreneurs, Bootstrappers and anyone who want to make something great happen. We stock only Business, Sales, Marketing, Success, Finance & Investing, Communication & Marriage Audiobooks for Sale. https://www.iaudify.com/



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